Public Event: Etowah River Beekeepers Bee School

Come learn what it takes to get started with beekeeping in 2024. This full day class will provide plenty of information and hands-on opportunities to familiarize yourself with the basics. You will also have the opportunity to order your bee packages. The registration fee includes a light breakfast plus lunch.

Preregistration is not required but is strongly encouraged as same-day pricing will be higher.

The course will begin at 8:00 am.

If you are not yet a member of the ERB club or have not yet paid your 2024 dues, please register here. This fee includes 2024 annual club membership.

If you are an existing paid member of the ERB club and have paid your 2024 dues, please register here. This fee recognizes that you have already paid your club 2024 dues.

NOTE: the inclement weather date is Saturday March 2, same time and location.

2022 ERB Bee School

Learn the basics of beekeeping at the Etowah River Beekeepers one-day Bee School!

Topics will include equipment you need to get started, how to prepare for your bees, and the basics of how to care for your bees. You will come away with the knowledge you need to get started with a hive or two in your own backyard!

5-frame Nucleus Colonies (Nucs) and  3lb Package Bees will be available for preorders.

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We urge anyone planning to attend to please consider following CDC Guidelines